Tina is Anglo-German and Rog is Welsh, they met on a film set in Hong Kong in April 1991, were engaged within two weeks, and married that September. Their plan was to be temporary volunteers for children. Then in August 1994 Tina met Mui and everything changed.

Tina, the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor who was driven to a teenage breakdown, gave up her dream, her job, her career and made Mui, a little Hong Kong Chinese girl born with a rare skin disease, a prognosis of death in infancy, her focus.

The connection between these two human beings, born 9,000 kilometres and 24 years apart, is one of shared childhood trauma, abandonment, the absence of love; such experiences never leave a child. Tina proves that one person CAN make a difference. Mui, the abandoned little girl with an unusual, appearance altering disease, grows up to be a woman, one of the first generation of survivors with Harlequin Ichthyosis, going on to succeed as a yoga instructor and the world's first rugby referee with Harlequin Ichthyosis.

An Unexpected Adoption by Tina, Rog and Mui Thomas is a story of challenging, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE). You do not move on from ACE, you move on with it.

Initially banned by the authorities from talking publicly about their lives, this book is their response to the cyber bullies who taunted their daughter to kill herself. It is a powerful and inspiring memoir, 69k words with an introduction by Sir David Tang, who was a long-term friend and supporter, ‘Uncle David’ to Mui.


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